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Multi-Factor Authentication

Address security and compliance requirements, particularly for remote and/or hybrid workers
Why Axiad

Fast, Reliable, Automated MFA

Implement enterprise-grade MFA that boosts your overall security, leverages automation, and minimizes user friction
  • 98%
    Of breaches could be prevented by the right MFA
  • 89%
    Use 3 or more authentication methods
  • 52%
    Find workarounds to overly complex security
Problems Solved

Solving Your Top Authentication Problems

  • Move Beyond Passwords
    Deliver better enterprise-wide security controls that go beyond passwords, which are relatively simple to compromise
  • Automate MFA Processes
    Automate processes and checklists (e.g., self-serving smart card setup) before an employee can gain full access to company systems
  • Protect the Hybrid Workforce
    Ensure authentication is completed uniformly across on-premises, remote, hybrid, and contract workers by requiring two or more verification factors
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