Axiad Cloud

Phishing-Resistant Authentication

Address authentication in an integrated fashion to protect against phishing attacks
Why Axiad

The Next Level of Authentication

Implement government-grade MFA that counters phishing attacks, leverages automation, and minimizes user friction
2FA vs. MFA
  • 350%
    Increase in phishing attacks on remote workers
  • 66%
    Have been impacted by a phishing attack
  • 71%
    Say that phishing is the most-concerning threat
Problems Solved

Solving Your Top Authentication Problems

  • Attain Phishing Resistance
    Take critical measures to proactively counter attempts that are intended to compromise or subvert the authentication process - often done by stealing users’ credentials via fake login pages
  • Fortify Existing Investments
    Add phishing resistance seamlessly across the entire environment without requiring upgrades or major modifications
  • Authenticate Consistently
    Leverage the only capabilities that are uniquely positioned to authenticate a user whether he or she is online or offline - anywhere around the globe

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