KuppingerCole Highlights Axiad as a Top Passwordless Authentication Provider

October 11, 2022
KuppingerCole Report -Passwordless Authentication

Earlier this month global industry analyst and one of Europe’s key cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management (IAM) firms, KuppingerCole Analysts, announced the results of their Leadership Compass on Passwordless Authentication.

This new research covering a market segment that KuppingerCole characterizes as “growing rapidly across different industries,” evaluates a long list of vendors that serve this area.  The final report focused only on “those vendors that customers should look at more closely.”  Axiad made the cut as one of the leading vendors in this space.

While the entire report is worth reading if you’re in the market for passwordless authentication solutions or services – click here to download – some of the top takeaways from this report include:

Market Trends

  1. Passwords are passe. The repot notes that “eliminating passwords as a method of authentication, organizations will remain competitive, secure, compliant and have a modern authentication system that does not require users to remember passwords.”

  2. Phishing resistance is top-of-mind for many who are considering a passwordless future. The concept is mentioned more than a dozen time in the report.

  3. Passwordless authentication can be a key step on the road to even-greater protection.  The report notes that one criterion considered for the analysis was which offerings were best suited to form the foundation for a Zero Trust model.

About Axiad

  1. Axiad Cloud is considered “a secure and simplified single platform that allows customers to address authentication in a holistic fashion.”  This is important as organizations are quickly moving from a siloed approach to authentication to integrated solutions.

  2. Our SaaS solution’s flexibility and integrations received high marks.  For instance, our Airlock feature is said to “easily integrate with a company’s existing IAM infrastructure and can be customized to ensure that users are following the company’s security policies.”  According to the 2022 Authentication Survey, 70% of respondents have 3 or more IAM ecosystems in use, so supplementing what is already in place matters.

  3. Axiad received high marks (four/five stars out five) for security, functionality, deployment, interoperability, and usability – arguably the most-important considerations for a buyer.  See the below snapshot from the report.

Axiad Passwordless Authentication Provider

There are many more things you can take away from this report, and I’d encourage you to download it here, or KuppingerCole customers can view the report on their site here.

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