Rethinking Enterprise Authentication – A Practitioner Point of View

October 26, 2022

Authentication is a core element of a modern cybersecurity strategy, and how this critical process is done has evolved significantly over the years. Passwords have fallen out of favor in lieu of more-modern approaches like passwordless, for example. But there are many forks in the road on the path to passwordless (and/or enhanced authentication), and many organizations may have questions on which turns to take in order to succeed.

Vendors are more than happy to provide suggestions, and it’s worth taking the time to listen. But if you really want to optimize your approach, the best source of information are the people who have blazed the trail before you. They often have learned through the school of hard knocks, and they likely have just as many examples of what not to do as the have examples of optimal processes.

With that in mind, Axiad recently commissioned a report leveraging real-world insights from some of the top strategists and practitioners in the world. These senior IT and security executives recently participated in detailed interviews conducted by PeerSpot, and we have gleaned some of their best advice in a new report called Rethinking Enterprise Authentication.

Some of the top insights from this report include:

  • Think holistically: Many organizations are forced to execute authentication in silos due to limitations in their current systems and underlying IT complexity. A better approach is to address the problem in an integrated manner, as it eliminates gaps and inconsistences that can be exploited by bad actors.
  • Integrate with multiple tools: In the 2022 Authentication Survey, it was reported that 70% of organizations have three or more Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems already in place. Naturally, most executives don’t want to rip-and-replace what is already working.  A better alternative is to create a strategy that fortifies existing investments instead.
  • Automate what you can: Automation helps reduce the administrative burden of authentication, which can strain IT resources. Strategies that streamline common processes like addressing expired certificates or resetting access deliver real and opportunity cost savings.
  • Balance security with usability: Protecting the organization is job-one for security executives.  But if you introduce too much friction for end users, they are likely to find a way to circumvent the cybersecurity practices you have in place and ultimately put your organization at greater risk.  Look for ways to ensure employees can communicate and create value because access to data, assets and applications is secure, automated, and unencumbered.

To learn more from these executives, click here to download the report.

Want to Know More About PeerSpot?

Axiad is an active participant in the peer review community, as we believe that customers are uniquely qualified to tell us more about market trends and our own technology.  PeerSpot is one of the best of the peer review sites because they take the time to actively listen to organizations and capture detailed answers to key questions like: what problem are you trying to solve, what were some critical success factors in your initiative, what solutions were in your consideration set, and what value did you receive?

Axiad reviews are largely concentrated in the Authentication Systems and Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) (IAMaaS) categories.  In both categories Axiad is ranked in the top five overall with a weighted ranking/response average, and top two in both based purely on customer ratings.  This is a tribute to strong investments in R&D, a track record serving this market for more than a dozen years, and excellent customers who are willing to share their needs and challenges with us openly and honestly so we can build solutions accordingly.

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