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With efficiencies throughout the process, insurance providers can increase security while decreasing cost. Axiad supports many customers in the insurance industry, and we appreciate your specific needs and challenges.
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Streamline insurance operations

Streamline operations through increased reliability, more efficient authentication, and self-support efficiencies
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Improve Efficiencies Across the Board

Improve Authentication Reliability

Native smart card support removes the challenges of supporting authentication that is tied to the operating system. So, authentication is more reliable – and the benefits grow as the number of operating systems and devices increase

Increase Authentication Efficiency

By removing the bother of typing in credentials followed by a secondary authorization step, the authentication process becomes much more efficient. These efficiencies not only save labor but also are well-received by end users

Augment Support Efficiency

End users can self-support via MyCircle and Support teams gain efficiencies across the user base with AirLock. The net impact is that time is saved on each incident, thereby contributing to overall efficiencies
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