Axiad ID Cloud Now Certified SAFE-BioPharma Compliant

October 23, 2018

Biopharmaceutical and Healthcare Organizations Can Now Easily Manage SAFE-BioPharma Compliant Identity Credentials

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – October 23, 2018Axiad IDS, a leading provider of authentication and Trusted Identity solutions for enterprise, healthcare, government and financial organizations, today announced the company’s Axiad ID Cloud has been certified compliant with the SAFE-BioPharma® global digital identity and signature standards. Axiad ID Cloud makes it simple for biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies to manage SAFE-BioPharma compliant identity credentials.

“The global biopharmaceutical and healthcare industry is characterized by rapid digitization. Because of the highly personal nature of the data — cybersecurity and identity needs are both unique and complex in this sector,” said Monica Nascimento, Vice President, Axiad IDS. “Our SAFE-BioPharma certification is a big deal and particularly important for our healthcare industry clients who need to know we can help them meet critical high-assurance identity trust standards.”

The Axiad ID Cloud + SAFE-BioPharma Solution

Axiad IDS’ SAFE-BioPharma solution, allows healthcare and biopharmaceutical organizations to manage access to electronic medical records, clinical portals, and application of digital signatures to electronic documents, including those in the cloud. SAFE stands for Signatures & Authentication For Everyone.

With Axiad ID Cloud, organizations can easily issue and manage SAFE-BioPharma smart cards and tokens with PKI certificates for authentication, signature, and encryption –- anytime, anywhere. SAFE-BioPharma certificates can be loaded to any FIPS 140-2 credential or device via the Axiad ID Cloud. And as a virtual private cloud (VPC), there is no co-mingling of data which provides extra layers of security.

Specifically, Axiad ID Cloud provides organizations with a frictionless user experience from the creation and issuance of secure SAFE-BioPharma credentials to the use and full lifecycle management of the credentials.

Creation: Axiad IDS removes the complexity from the process; SAFE-BioPharma compliant credentials can now be created and authenticated in-house from a secure portal. Users no longer need to travel off-site and/or bother with a notary.

Use: With Axiad IDS, SAFE-BioPharma certificates can be loaded directly to a secure token. Unique to Axiad IDS, multiple certificates and credentials — SAFE Bio-Pharma or otherwise — can be loaded to the same token to simplify user requirements.

Lifecycle Management: With Axiad ID Cloud, SAFE BioPharma certificates can be saved directly to user tokens — rather than computers — simplifying the issuance, updating and replacement of secure credentials. All transactions can be conducted from a single secure portal.

Why SAFE-BioPharma?

SAFE-BioPharma standards allow member companies to meet security and confidentiality needs specific to healthcare.  Compliance with the standards provides the strongest proof that a person is who they claim to be in a digital environment — this proof is critical in many environments such as submissions to government regulators or access to sensitive health records.

The electronic identities verified by the SAFE-BioPharma standard are highly trustworthy using PKI technology to ensure user and data integrity and non-repudiation by securing the data and information transactions exchanged via the internet.

PKI is a set of policies and procedures to establish a secure information exchange. This ecosystem encompasses not only hardware and software, but all the users involved with the digital certificates that are issued and managed by a Certification Authority (CA).

To learn more about how Axiad IDS can help your organization with its SAFE-BioPharma needs, please visit: We also invite you to join us for one of two upcoming webinars on our SAFE-BioPharma solution — October 25 and November 6. Please register in advance here. You can also learn more about our solutions by reading our SAFE Bio-Pharma white paper or brochure.

About Axiad IDS

Axiad IDS is a Trusted Identity solutions provider for enterprise, government and financial organizations. Axiad IDS was founded by industry experts with extensive backgrounds in developing, deploying, and managing identity and access management solutions. These experts have experienced first-hand the challenges associated with implementing and managing mission-critical identity systems, and are experienced in overcoming those challenges, enabling their success. Axiad IDS is driven by its customers’ business needs, addressing business objectives with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Axiad IDS was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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