Axiad IDS Announces Axiad MyCircle to Provide Employees Secure and Frictionless Emergency Access

March 1, 2019

Axiad MyCircle leverages secure emergency access through face-to-face authentication — configured by strict policy to authorize a restricted group.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – February 28, 2019Axiad IDS, a leading provider of authentication and Trusted Identity solutions for enterprise, healthcare, government, and financial organizations, today announced Axiad MyCircle to provide enterprise users with frictionless and cost-effective emergency access to accounts protected by multi-factor-authentication (MFA). Axiad MyCircle leverages the “someone who knows you” authentication method to provide a secure and frictionless back-up mechanism when other authentication factors are not available.

“Emergency access mechanisms shouldn’t be the weakest link in an enterprise protected by MFA,” said Yves Audebert, Co-founder, Chairman, and Co-CEO, Axiad IDS. “At the same time, security at the expense of user experience always fails, as users tend to go around it and find alternative approaches, resulting in a weaker system. Axiad MyCircle solves both of these challenges for enterprises.”

 Why Axiad MyCircle?

 MFA solutions are increasingly being adopted across enterprises to replace passwords and better protect assets. MFA relies on identity credentials such as YubiKeys, smart cards, or mobile apps. But the question is, what happens when a user has locked or lost his or her credential?

 Until now, the secure approach has been for employees to go to a security office and present an identity document. In return — if authenticated — the employee’s credential is replaced or unlocked. This approach however, is not practical for most organizations as it results in lost productivity, increased costs and negatively impacts the employee experience.

Instead, the typical approach is for employees to contact or log into a Help Desk for assistance with a locked or lost credential. Similar to the security office scenario, employees are asked to answer one or more  security questions to confirm their identity before being provided access. Just as with the security office, Help Desk’s cost money and the time required to retrieve a new credential results in lost employee productivity. Plus, security questions or Knowledge-Based Authentication is highly prone to social engineering attacks. Hackers are breaking into enterprises through the emergency access/account recovery scenario.

 “Think of it as having an armor door in the front of your business, while keeping the back door unlocked. Our solution, MyCircle, addresses the traditional dilemma between security and ease-of-use for businesses” continued Audebert.

 Axiad IDS’ Fourth Authentication Factor

 Axiad MyCircle leverages face-to-face authentication based upon a trusted relationship. An employee with a lost or locked credential can now go to an authorized co-worker. The co-worker, using their own credential, authenticates to the Axiad Portal and, based on privileges, unlocks or re-initializes their colleague’s credential.

Specifically, Axiad MyCircle provides:

•  Secure emergency access through face-to-face authentication — configured by strict policy to authorize a restricted group.

•  Security with ease of use — removes the need to visit a security office or go through a complex process. Instead, it allows employees to get back to work quickly.

•  Significant cost savings — reduces the number of help desk calls and minimizes downtime for employees.

Axiad ID Cloud

Axiad MyCircle is offered through Axiad ID Cloud. For overburdened IT teams faced with limited budgets and a shortage of security experts, Axiad ID Cloud offers a secure, integrated, and simplified solution to leverage digital assets across the enterprise while protecting employees and contractors, data, devices and infrastructure. The result is better protection, simpler deployment, less complexity, and lower upfront investment.

“There is no “one-size-fits-all” credential. The reality is that a diverse enterprise population requires a mix of credentials and authentication levels,” said Audebert. “Axiad ID Cloud and our new Axiad MyCircle simplify the management of multi-factor authentication across enterprises for both IT administrators and users.”

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Axiad IDS is a Trusted Identity solutions provider for enterprise, government, and financial organizations. Axiad IDS was founded by industry experts with extensive backgrounds in developing, deploying, and managing identity and access management solutions. These experts have experienced first-hand the challenges associated with implementing and managing mission-critical identity systems, and are experienced in overcoming those challenges, enabling their success. Axiad IDS is driven by its customers’ business needs, addressing business objectives with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Axiad IDS was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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