Passwordless for Air Gapped and Critical Environments

Phishing Resistance for Demanding Environments

Get passwordless authentication in demanding air gapped and critical infrastructure environments
Why Axiad

Authenticator and Credential Management

Deployed as an air gapped on-premises offering, the package provides passwordless authentication credential management while leveraging the existing air gapped ecosystem such as Microsoft AD, Microsoft ADFS, Microsoft CA, and more
Problems Solved

Solving Your Top Authentication Problems

  • Passwordless yet Air Gapped
    Provides fully passwordless, phishing resistant authenticator and credential management in air gapped environments.
  • Future Proof Your Investment
    Bolt onto your existing infrastructure including the Microsoft ecosystem without requiring upgrades.
  • Streamline Authentication Workload
    Leverage a single, easy-to-manage portal across the lifecycle of your authentication methods – streamlining the management process and making updates efficient
Use Cases

Proven ways to go passwordless even in demanding environments

Certificate-Based Authentication
Use Case

Instant passwordless without requiring upgrades

Passwordless for Air Gapped and Critical Environments is an air gapped on-premises package for critical infrastructure organizations, government agencies, defense contractors, and resellers. With support for a variety of strong authentication credentials, the package helps organizations to achieve passwordless authentication seamlessly in air gapped and critical infrastructure environments.

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