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Secure Your Machine Identities

Ensure you protect machine identities with the same rigor as users, for a complete, organization-wide approach to authentication
Why Axiad

Cover All Machine Authentication Use Cases

Machine identities are widespread across the organization, and can sometimes be forgotten when planning out a cybersecurity strategy. Axiad supports an unmatched range of machine authentication use cases, including network device, VPN, web server, domain controllers, virtual machines, and more.
Use Cases

Proven ways to address secure your machine identities

Vector abstract background shows the innovation of PKI technology and technology concepts.
PKI as a Service (PKIaaS)

Modernizing your PKI

The speed of innovation drives new online services, new combinations of goods, services, and partners, and more. However, threat actors revel in the increased security exposure surface. Modernizing PKI systems can drive innovation surely and safely.
  • 52%
    Percent that don’t have needed PKI expertise
  • 3X
    Number of machine vs. human identities
  • 78%
    Experienced business damage from a breach

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