Seamless Identity Security

Efficiently manage user identities in the cloud, remove silos, and leverage Axiad Cloud’s passwordless benefits with Axiad’s SCIM connector for SailPoint IdentityIQ
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Alliance Overview

Synchronize Users and Groups with SailPoint IdentityIQ

Axiad offers a SCIM connector that connects and synchronizes users and groups with SailPoint IdentityIQ. Together, Axiad and SailPoint allow organizations to achieve a passwordless, phishing-resistant future with automated provisioning and seamless credential management. Organizations can keep their identity information in sync across their IAM ecosystem, minimizing the need for expensive custom integrations.
Key Solutions

Automate Provisioning Across Your Entire Ecosystem

Automate user provisioning and de-provisioning, as well as synchronize user and group attributes. This allows for seamless identity management across multiple systems and platforms and mitigates the risk of human error

Control Access to Essential Systems

Ensure that user or group changes are automatically reflected in SailPoint, improving security as access rights can be correctly and promptly updated across all systems

Protect Against Cyber Threats

Implement a more-secure form of multi-factor authentication (MFA) that protects against phishing-based cyberattacks. As teams adopt new applications, organizations can ensure security policy compliance across all accounts

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