Seamlessly Manage Complex and Diverse Credentialing

Protect your machines with identities leveraging Venafi, and make certificate lifecycle management easy with Axiad Cloud
Alliance Overview

Take Control of Machine Identities with Venafi

Axiad and Venafi’s partnership delivers automation, structure, and simplicity to help you managing thousands of machine identities across the organization.
Key Solutions

Complete Identity for Machines

Venafi provides real-time discovery of all machine identities across a network, and the automation and scalability needed to track them. In addition, Axiad Cloud provides easy-to-use certificate management with an automated, cloud-based PKI solution to simplify issuing and renewal of certificates to machines managed by Venafi

Stop Certificate Outages

Using Venafi to manage machine identities, in combination with Axiad Cloud’s PKI capabilities, keeps operations running smoothly – by enabling easy certificate renewal to avoid outages for applications, servers, and infrastructure where certificates provide a critical security layer

Integrate with DevOps Strategies

Venafi and Axiad Cloud provide the ability to automate machine identity, enabling organizations to reduce their administrative overhead while reducing access-based outages

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