Axiad Expands Support for FIDO2 and Azure AD Credentials

December 12, 2022
New support underscores our commitment to delivering a holistic approach to authentication

FIDO2 and Azure AD

New Possibilities

Axiad Cloud customers can now register any FIDO2 authenticator with Axiad Cloud and use it for passwordless authentication to any resources protected by Axiad Cloud. In addition, Axiad Cloud now can track all authentication methods issued in Azure, and report on them within our Unified Portal. Tracking includes primary authenticators like Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft Authenticator and FIDO2, as well as recovery authenticators like Temporary Password Access or SMS OTP. When authorized, help desk operators and users will also have the option to delete any of those credentials.

Extending Axiad’s Vision

These enhancements provide tangible progress towards our vision of passwordless authentication. Specifically, it helps streamline the rollout and management of a vast range of passwordless, phishing-resistant credential types. In addition to increased security, these capabilities also lower costs and minimize user friction.

For those unfamiliar with passwordless authentication, it is a means of delivering optimal protection for users, devices, assets, and interactions by eliminating the need to remember passwords that can be easily compromised. Axiad uniquely delivers on the promise of enterprise-wide passwordless orchestration by supporting the widest range of credentials in the market, including Windows Hello for Business, YubiKeys, smart cards, mobile push, OTP, and now, FIDO2!

These updates will be available to all our Cloud customers on November 29th.

FIDO2 Primer

FIDO2 is a modern phishing resistant, passwordless authentication standard that allows users to access web, desktop, and mobile applications simply and securely. FIDO2 was developed and promoted by the FIDO alliance and its members as the authentication baseline for both consumers and enterprises, with large base of support including Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. The standard is being widely adopted by the industry, from browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox to hardware such as Windows, Android and MacOS devices.

Benefits for IT and End Users

Our single pane of glass provides your IT department with a convenient way to initiate, manage, and assess the current state of the passwordless rollout across your environment. This unified approach also improves the end user experience by providing a consistent and streamlined management of all authenticators.

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