Axiad Cloud

A Secure, Integrated Authentication Platform

Systematically authenticate across all users, machines, and interactions with a cloud-based, complete, and flexible authentication platform
Image of a cloud with a lock to demonstrate an authentication virtual private cloud
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Streamlining Authentication Credential Management

Why Axiad

Organization-Wide Passwordless Orchestration

Axiad Cloud helps organizations move to a passwordless future without the friction and risk of fragmented solutions - and ultimately improve their cybersecurity posture and empower their end users
Problems Solved

Solving Your Top Authentication Problems

  • Empower Users Across the Enterprise
    Ensure employees can access what they need, when they need it, and without business disruption, for optimized workforces
  • Optimize Administrative Processes
    Streamline processes for administrators and the help desk, lowering total identity security costs across the enterprise
  • Enhance Your Cybersecurity Posture
    Prevent phishing-based attacks with systematic policy application and enforcement, and take a step toward Zero Trust, with consistent authentication

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