Holistic, Powerful, and Compliant

Unified, full-featured authentication solutions for enterprise, defense, public sector, and more

Axiad Solutions for Key Industries

Aerospace & Defense

Expand Bidding and Meet Mandates

With rigorous security that meets even future-facing government compliance standards, A&D vendors can confidently bid on more projects.
Energy & Oil

Drive Efficient Energy Operations

With the ability to secure large numbers of employees across thousands of locations, Energy & Oil can drive efficient operations worldwide

Create New User Experiences

With robust, integrated security with compliance, finance industry can create new user experiences and improve service

Enhance Service and Treatment Options

With authentication that’s convenient and in compliance with HIPAA, healthcare providers can provide more services

Cost Effectively Serve Customers

With efficiencies throughout the process, insurance providers can increase security while decreasing cost

Build More, Faster

Trusted interactions among vendors and partners drives efficiencies across assembly, warehousing, and shipping
Professional Services

Expand Business Opportunities

A fully compliant, integrated platform expands opportunities at the largest enterprises and agencies for Professional Services, Systems Integrators, and VARs
Public Sector

Defend Against the Most Potent Attacks

With both user and device security under control, public sector can be confident that they can serve the public without compromise

Optimize Sales While Mitigating Risk

With the ability to maintain credentials for even seasonal workers and device security, retailers can maximize efficiencies across both labor and goods

Put Powerful Security into Motion

With security driven from the cloud and support for on-premises devices, transportation vendors get powerful security in motion and at rest

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