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Supplement Existing Ecosystems

Fortify existing identity security investments with advanced authentication capabilities, instead of ripping and replacing what is already working
Why Axiad

Obtain Maximum Flexibility and Interoperability

Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems are widespread, and often well suited to solving the problems for which they were originally deployed. However, those systems are often not optimized for today’s authentication-specific requirements. Use the right tool for the job.
Use Cases

Ways to Supplement Existing Environments

Use Case

Adopt an Authentication Management Lifecycle

Authentication initiatives stall due to siloes among IAM systems. Axiad enables authentication to be treated as a lifecycle, operationalizing and streamlining the work for IT while minimizing friction for end users. The net is that organizations get more from their IAM investments.
Use Case

Pragmatic Phishing Resistance for Enterprises

Authenticate across the entire environment with a pragmatic blend of Certificate Based Authentication and FIDO passkey. Both authentication methods provide phishing resistance with unique advantages for scale and for future proofing. This helps organizations get more from identity investments.
Vector abstract background shows the innovation of PKI technology and technology concepts.
Use Case

Modernizing your PKI

The speed of innovation drives new online services, new combinations of goods, services, and partners, and more. However, threat actors revel in the increased security exposure surface. Modernizing PKI systems can drive innovation surely and safely.
  • 95%
    Say security should be interoperable with multiple vendors
  • 45%
    Moving from siloed security solutions to a platform
  • 61%
    Want to implement passwordless in two years

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