Provide Secure Login for Okta User Accounts

Complement Okta’s login offerings by utilizing certificates for workstation and application login with Axiad Cloud
Axiad partners with Okta for your enhanced authentication needs.
2020 Cybersecurity Themes
Alliance Overview

Securely and Easily Access Workstations and Applications

Okta’s single sign-on (SSO) provides organizations with access to all their business applications in one location. Axiad Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) for IAM protects workstations and applications, while allowing end users to use the same credentials to access all their Okta-managed applications via SSO.
Key Solutions

Implement Seamless Authentication

Log in to your workstation with a provisioned smart card or personal Identity verification (PIV) card to access all your Okta-managed applications using certificate-based authentication.

Enhance Security with Cloud-based PKI

Provide cloud-based PKI and certificate management to enable Okta web sign-in with smart cards/PIV, enabling passwordless and phishing-resistant MFA for any Okta-managed application. Smart card login is supported natively by Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Reduce End User Friction

Eliminate the need for complex password policies, removing the need for periodic password changes and reducing admin overhead. Secure your workstation without needing multiple forms of authentication or resource-intensive agents. Automate processes and checklists before an employee can gain full access to company systems with Axiad’s Unified Portal.

Meet Government Compliance Requirements

Attain a secure, phishing-resistant form of multi-factor authentication (MFA) with certificate-based authentication, which is an essential part of the U.S. Executive Order to adopt a Zero Trust architecture.

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