The Axiad Advantage

A Holistic Approach to Authentication

Axiad’s integrated approach to authentication delivers lower risk and less user friction than fragmented strategies
The Problem

Siloed Authentication Yields Material Risk

Many organizations leverage numerous authentication methods, have multiple identity types to protect, must support a wide range of use cases, and may already have existing IAM investments to consider. This complexity can force organizations to take a siloed approach to authentication, which can lead to gaps and inconsistencies that can be exploited by bad actors.
The Path Forward

A Holistic Approach Reduces Your Risk Exposure

Many organizations are shifting from a fragmented approach to a single, holistic strategy – an integrated authentication framework. This strategy allows security executives to assimilate credentials, analyze in context, automate processes, authenticate uniformly, and adapt to emerging threats more efficiently.
Key Outcomes Delivered

Operational and Security Benefits

Operational Benefit
Reach a balance between usability and protection
Employees can access what they need, when they need it, without friction, so they are more productive
Security Benefit
Fight back against a common form of attack
Resist attempts to compromise or subvert the authentication process by driving day-one enrollment and enforcing critical policies
Operational Benefit
Streamline key processes organization wide
Administrators and help-desk employees, who are already over subscribed, can do their jobs more efficiently
Security Benefit
Verify everything before granting access
Continuously authenticate ever user, every machine, and every digital interaction, as a critical element of a Zero Trust strategy
Our Core Differentiation

Organization-Wide Passwordless Orchestration

  • Holistic Solution
    Leverage a single platform for all your user and machine authentication needs
  • Credential Centric
    Ensure there are no shared secrets that can be exploited behind the scenes
  • Interoperable
    Fortify existing IAM investments instead of ripping and replacing tools that are working well
  • Optimally Secure
    Retain maximum control over the keys to the kingdom with no commingled credentials
  • Simple and Automated
    Remove friction from admin and users with high levels of orchestration
  • Future Proofed
    Build a foundation for your IAM strategy that can easily adapt as your requirements evolve

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