Say Goodbye to Passwords for Good, Your Employees Will Thank You

May 5, 2022
Password Authentication

Today, May 5, marks World Password Day, and there’s never been a better time to evaluate your company’s approach to identity management and authentication.

Current approaches to authentication are failing employees. IT is charged with controlling processes and keeping systems secure, while users want to be more independent and just get their jobs done. Frustrations are high when so many password-based authentication issues get in the way of employees doing their job. IT leaders can and must take more initiative to move away from passwords and transition to a user-centric passwordless authentication that reduces these frustrations.

Employees, including remote workers, are human after all, and they procrastinate when new authentication methods are deployed. They either circumvent the system by continuing to use an older credential, password or ultimately reach out to IT for help. Unfortunately, many companies are stuck with out-of-date or insecure technology, leaving them open to cyberattacks.

Axiad conducted a survey with 2,000 US office workers last fall, providing insight into behaviors and attitudes on identity and authentication. Do passwords impact productivity? They certainly do. 60% of US workers we surveyed said problems with passwords have stopped them from doing their jobs!

Not surprisingly, just under half of them said they have forgotten their passwords at some point.

Just under 60% also said they had to contact the IT department at their workplace because they were locked out of their computer, with almost half saying they’d been locked out of productivity and communication apps like Slack. That’s a huge problem.

And beyond multiple passwords, multiple MFA solutions can be just as challenging for users to manage. If there’s an issue with their device or mobile authentication app, users need to know which platform to go to and how to fix it. These new authentication methods can’t succeed unless the solution puts the employees at the center and simplifies their login experiences.

The good news is that with Axiad, IT leaders can and must take more initiative to move away from passwords and transition to a user-centric passwordless authentication that reduces these frustrations. The Axiad Cloud platform provides easy support and management of all the credentials you need, all in one place.

Strong security for people and machines, fast deployment and automation, ease of use – these are our hallmarks. Axiad Cloud provides a single platform that enables passwordless authentication across the enterprise ecosystem by securing people, machines, and digital interactions. We create the foundation for zero trust by allowing organizations to cohesively deploy their identity credentials with centralized management and reporting. Axiad Cloud offers phishing-resistant authentication and PKI in a powerful, yet simple solution, to address all identity assurance requirements.

As a benefit of using Axiad Cloud, organizations get a faster adoption of passwordless MFA across the enterprise, an improved user experience, reduced operational costs for their IT departments, and of course heightened security.

Why not make this the year you say goodbye to passwords for good!

To learn more, see our guide to Secure Passwordless Authentication for Every User, Machine and Interaction.

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