The Arrival of “Big Mo” at Axiad

October 26, 2022

One of my favorite conceptual terms is “Big Mo.”  This term, which is borrowed from sports, politics, economics, and literature, is typically shorthand for the impact of escalating momentum on follow-on outcomes.  For instance, a sports team that has made a few good plays in a row often makes a few more shortly thereafter, in part because of the momentum they have built leading up to that point and the positive effect that momentum has on those involved.

The concept applies to businesses as well.  When an organization strings together several positive steps forward, it energizes the team, attracts talent and partners, and makes it easier for customers to engage as well.  The phenomenon has arrived at Axiad in recent months, and it has manifest in a number of important ways:


This week, Axiad launched a new website and brand, which was the culmination of several months of work.  In addition to updating our narrative and positioning, we also focused significant effort on aligning solutions to key outcomes we deliver for our customers and to packaging our products in a way that is easier to consume and purchase.

Importantly, the site also makes it easier for customers to find what they need so they can make an informed purchase decision, understand emerging trends and best practices, get the support they need, and learn more about what measures Axiad takes to keep them safe.  It also highlights our growing list of go-to-market partners and technology alliance members – so prospective customers can learn how to address even their most-complex problems.


Axiad has many great technology alliance partners that it can work with to maximize value for our customers.  One key partner with whom we have seen great traction recently is Microsoft.  In mid October, we announced our support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) in a press release.  That effort led to coverage in a Microsoft-led communication, in which Axiad is the first vendor listed as a partner for phishing-resistant authentication.

Axiad also recently had an article appear in Technology Record to highlight joint best practices, which reaches tens of thousands of Microsoft professionals around the world.  And we have a webinar coming up on November 10 – co presented by Microsoft Principal Product Management Lead for its Identity and Network Access Division, Natee Pretikul – to talk about phishing resistant authentication with Azure Active Directory and Axiad Cloud.

Market Leadership

Earlier this month global industry analyst and one of Europe’s key cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management (IAM) firms, KuppingerCole Analysts, announced the results of their Leadership Compass on Passwordless Authentication.  The final report focused only on “those vendors that customers should look at more closely.”  Axiad made the cut as one of the leading vendors in this space.  Click here to download the final report.

This follows the news from earlier in the year in which Forrester Research identified Axiad as one of the top Enterprise Multifactor Authentication Solutions in its NowTech report.   

Customer Success

A new white paper issued by PeerSpot – operator of The Buying Intelligence Platform, which develops and aggregates detailed reviews from real customers of various vendors – highlights the benefits that Axiad delivers to its customers.  This report, called Rethinking Enterprise Authentication, includes some excellent customer quotes, including:

“Axiad Cloud was really standing alone as one of the most secure options for providing a credential at time of authentication. It’s a key part of our security posture.” (Read Review)

This sentiment is echoed by other customers in our PeerSpot customer ratings.  Axiad reviews are largely concentrated in the Authentication Systems and Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) (IAMaaS) categories.  In both categories Axiad is ranked in the top five overall with a weighted ranking/response average, and top two in both based purely on customer ratings.

All of this news, combined with a growing team, excellent in-person tradeshow attendance at our speaking events (including the largest-ever audience many times over), and great coverage of Axiad’s thought leadership in some top publications including Solutions Review, CyberScoop, and Security Magazine over the past few months, all reinforce that Big Mo has come to Axiad for a visit. 

Grab a seat, Mo.  We believe you’ll be here for a while.

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