Healthcare Industry

Deliver More Without Compromise

With authentication that’s convenient and in compliance with HIPAA, healthcare providers can provide more services
Trusted & Proven in Healthcare

Deliver More Without Compromise

Expand treatment options by authenticating devices, minimizing end user friction, and streamlining compliance overhead

Axiad supports many customers in the healthcare industry, and we appreciate your specific needs and challenges
Problems Solved

Increase Emphasis On Treatment Not Security

Focus on Treatments, Not Paperwork

A single platform helps meet healthcare compliance standards such as HIPAA and SAFE-BioPharma and Federal compliance such as CMMC. By making compliance effortless, healthcare providers can focus on treatments not paperwork

Reduce Overall Exposure Surface

By authenticating every device, whether legacy or emerging, a number of highly lethal attack vectors are blocked from the start. By securing sensitive data from collection onward, the overall security exposure is minimized

Minimize Friction and Maximize Security

By removing the bother of a secondary authorization email or text, passwordless options minimize friction with doctors and pharmacists. Further, passwordless options eliminate breach risks from just a leaked userid and password
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