Axiad Announces Technology Partnership with Ping Identity to Provide Seamless Integration of PKI for Users, Machines, and Digital Transactions

June 22, 2021


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Partnership allows customers to extend their IAM infrastructure to add certificate-based identities

Santa Clara, CA, June 22, 2021 — Axiad, a leading provider of cloud-based passwordless authentication and secure interactions for users and machines, today announced a technology partnership with Ping Identity, the Intelligent Identity solution for the enterprise, to help customers seamlessly manage their complex and diverse credentialing needs. Customers can now extend their Ping identity and access management solution with Axiad PKI to secure not just users but the growing number of machines, devices, and online interactions on their networks.

Over the past year, the rapid move to the cloud and increased digitization have made digital trust essential for businesses to operate. IT leaders need to secure their identity spectrum with strong authentication for their users, machines such as mobile devices, servers, Wi-Fi routers, etc., and digital interactions such as email and document signing. To manage these technologies and secure their digital business transformation, organizations must take a user-centric, identity-first approach.

By integrating Ping Identity and Axiad, customers now have the ability to strengthen their IAM infrastructure with the broadest set of MFA options powered by a cloud-based Certificate Authority. These solutions can be easily deployed and managed on the Axiad Cloud platform, enabling businesses to authenticate all their identities – whether they’re users, machines, or interactions – on their network with a turnkey solution.

“Ping Identity’s partnership with Axiad addresses customers’ long-standing PKI challenges,” said Matt Bates, senior partner alliances manager at Ping Identity. “The integration of the SMARTidentity solution and its certificate-based services with Ping Identity’s leading IAM solutions is critical for today’s digital business.”

Standards-based Integration through SCIM

Axiad’s integration with Ping Identity leverages the SCIM standard and allows customers to seamlessly extend their IAM infrastructure. Adhering to SCIM provides plug and play connectivity, as PingOne and PingFederate users can utilize the Axiad Cloud platform seamlessly in their IAM solution, and strengthen their infrastructure with the additional features Axiad provides. The addition of new users, or the modification or deletion of existing users, happens automatically, keeping control in the hands of the ID provider.

“SCIM is key to reducing the cost and complexity of managing diverse authentication operations,” said Jerome Becquart, COO of Axiad. “Our integration with PingOne and PingFederate reflects our commitment to providing an identity assurance platform that extends an organization’s existing IAM system and offers a standard way to manage the lifecycle for both user and machine credentials.”


About Ping Identity

Ping Identity is the Intelligent Identity solution for the enterprise. We enable companies to achieve Zero Trust identity-defined security and more personalized, streamlined user experiences. The Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform provides customers, workforce, and partners with access to cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications across the hybrid enterprise. Over 60% of the Fortune 100 choose us for our identity expertise, open standards, and partnerships with companies including Microsoft and Amazon. We provide flexible identity solutions that accelerate digital business initiatives, delight customers, and secure the enterprise through multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, access management, intelligent API security, directory, and data governance capabilities. For more information, please visit

About Axiad

Axiad provides enterprises with its SMARTidentity solution to deliver complete trust across the identity spectrum. Whether you need to secure your employee access, their online interactions, or your machines and devices, SMARTidentity ensures zero trust with PKI, MFA, and FIDO in one platform – Axiad Cloud. Businesses can take an identity-first strategy to cohesively deploy and manage all their credentials such as certificates, mobile MFA, TPM, hardware tokens such as YubiKeys, smart cards, and biometrics. Axiad makes the journey to passwordless simple with user-centric solutions for credential issuance, lifecycle management, and emergency access from anywhere. The SMARTidentity solution is trusted by Fortune 500 companies across healthcare, aerospace & defense, energy & oil, transportation, finance, and more.

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