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A fully compliant, integrated platform expands opportunities with even the largest enterprises and agencies
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Expanded opportunities arise from unified authentication, high end user acceptance, and future-proof compliance. Axiad supports many customers in the professional services industry, and we appreciate your specific needs and challenges.
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Opportunities Arise From A Consolidated Platform

Future Proof Compliance

A single platform helps meet all today’s compliance standards such as CMMC and NIST while paving the way for defense-grade Zero Trust. Minimizing compliance overhead helps focus on strategic project outcomes

Authenticate in a Unified Fashion

By centralizing authentications in a unified platform and approach, logistics hassles are avoided. Further, security is optimized since the approach minimizes the cybersecurity attack surface

Maximize End User Acceptance

Passwordless authentication avoids end user hassle. Providing users with a choice between smart cards and mobile phone authentication maximizes convenience. The net impact is much higher levels of end user acceptance
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