Social Responsibility & Sustainability Policy

Our Axiad IDS, Inc. Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policies

In a world where all transactions are now conducted online, our vision is to provide cost-efficient and secure Identity Assurance solutions that allow users to safely interact over a network. This vision should not come at the expense of the planet we live in and we intend to simultaneously work to improve the environmental and social aspects of the world in which we operate.

Our vision becomes reality by putting into action programs and practices that eliminate the use of non-environmentally-friendly products, minimize the use of natural resources and energy, promote the efficient products and technologies, and foster innovations and creative solutions that add value for our customers, communities, and our planet.


Corporate Objectives

Axiad IDS, Inc. is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. Our corporate objectives are focused on the following points:

  1. Our Environment: Lead as a responsible “corporate citizen” working with our customers and suppliers to minimize our company’s impact on the environment and carbon footprint.

  2. Our Customers: Be a positive influence on our customers by recommending products and services that have no or minimal impact on the environment.

  3. Our Workplace: Maintain a professionally challenging, rewarding, respectful and safe workplace for all Axiad IDS, Inc. employees, contractors, and business partners.

  4. Our Business: Seek new business opportunities with sustainability, efficiency, and innovation as key drivers.


Corporate Policies

  1. Axiad IDS, Inc. will operate as an environmentally and socially responsible organization, seeking to reduce waste, its environmental impact while providing a safe and respectful workplace for its employees, contractors, and business partners.

  2. Axiad IDS, Inc. will provide access and financially contribute to a healthcare plan and retirement plan to all employees who wish to participate.

  3. We will consistently strive to use proven cloud business systems and solutions that contribute to the protection of the environment, focusing on the following objectives:

    • Clean and efficient use of energy

    • Minimal waste of IT hardware resources, also minimizing the need for recycling

  4. All Axiad IDS, Inc. functional departments must comply with local and country regulations related to pollution, waste and the use, recycling and disposal of technology.

  5. We will select vendors with a bias toward suppliers with a formal commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly products.

  6. We will recommend environmentally friendly products to our resellers and customers, if such products are available.

  7. The benefits of environmental compliance and performance activities go beyond sustainability and have a positive impact on the business itself. These benefits should be recognized, monitored and reported. Sample benefits include:

    • Reduction of operating expenses through more efficient use of energy and resources.

    • Business continuity through leveraging cloud providers committed to sustainability

    • Competitive advantage and revenue generation from the sale of “green” solutions.

    • Enhanced loyalty from environmentally-aware business partners and customers.

    • Enhanced brand and reputation through recognition as a responsible corporate citizen.

    • Greater ability to attract and retain talented employees who understand the importance of social responsibility, even in a small business


Contacting Us

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