Go Passwordless for Microsoft 365 with Axiad Cloud

Protect and easily authenticate to Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Word and Outlook with Axiad Cloud’s Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) for IAM.
Axiad is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, also called MISA, supporting Microsoft applications such as Microsoft365.
Solution Overview

Provide Seamless Certificate Management and Authentication for Microsoft 365

Axiad Cloud works with Microsoft Entra ID to provide certificate-based authentication across the suite of applications in Microsoft 365 for your enterprise, eliminating the need for multiple forms of authentication and reducing IT complexity.
Key Features
Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD) and Axiad Cloud CBA

End-to-end Security with Passwordless and Phishing Resistant MFA

Leverage the power of the Axiad Cloud integration with Microsoft Entra ID to provide consolidated, consistent, and efficient passwordless and phishing-resistant MFA for end users everywhere. All entities are secured without using passwords or shared secrets so the authentication process is secure from end-to-end on any device.

Workstation Login with Certificates

Extend Windows workstation login by enabling secure certificate-based authentication to protect workstations, applications, and web sites, while making application access simple for end users.

Axiad Cloud Unified Portal

Manage all MFA credentials, including Microsoft Entra ID’s issued credentials such as Windows Hello for Business and certificates with the Unified Portal. The portal enables self-service credential management and supports a range of certificate request and delivery workflows, reducing end user friction.
Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD) and Axiad Cloud CBA

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