Axiad Named a Two-Time Winner of the 11th Annual Global InfoSec Awards

April 24, 2023

Announced at RSA Conference 2023, Axiad Cloud Honored in the Most Innovative Passwordless Authentication and Phishing-Resistant MFA Categories

Santa Clara, Calif. – April 24, 2023 – Axiad, a leading provider of organization-wide passwordless orchestration, today announced it won two awards from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) in the 11th annual Global InfoSec Awards program. The company won in the following two categories for its Axiad Cloud product: Most Innovative Passwordless Authentication and Most Innovative Phishing-Resistant MFA.

“Historically, security executives have had to choose between security and usability, which meant that they had to either leave the organization exposed to risk or make it harder for end users to do their jobs,” said Yves Audebert, co-CEO of Axiad. “Axiad provides an important balance – delivering phishing resistance to enhance defense and a passwordless experience to minimize end-user friction. Winning awards in both of these categories reinforces that Axiad is in tune with the market and investing in the right places to deliver maximum value for our customers.”

The Global InfoSec Awards honor information security innovators from around the globe, including startup, early stage, later stage, or public companies in the space who believe they have a unique and compelling value proposition for their product or service. The judges are CISSP, FMDHS, and CEH certified security professionals who voted based on their independent review of the entrants’ nominations.

“Axiad embodies three major features we judges look for to become winners: understanding tomorrow’s threats, today, providing a cost-effective solution and innovating in unexpected ways that can help mitigate cyber risk and get one step ahead of the next breach,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

In addition to winning two Global InfoSec Awards, Axiad Cloud also recently won five Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, was honored in the CyberSecured Awards, and was recognized by TMC in the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards program.


About Axiad

Axiad delivers organization-wide passwordless orchestration to secure people, machines, and interactions for enterprise and public sector organizations that must optimize their cybersecurity posture while navigating underlying IT complexity. The company’s flagship product, Axiad Cloud, is a comprehensive, secure, and integrated authentication platform that allows customers to move to a passwordless future without the friction and risk of fragmented solutions. Axiad supports the widest range of credentials in the industry including FIDO, mobile MFA, Windows Hello for Business, YubiKeys, smart cards, TPM and biometrics, and is trusted by public sector organizations and Fortune 500 companies across aerospace & defense, financial services, insurance, healthcare, oil & energy, and more.

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