Augment Enterprise Security and Compliance with Microsoft

Deploy and enable secure authentication for Microsoft services throughout your enterprise with Axiad – a Microsoft MISA partner
Alliance Overview

Supplement Your Microsoft Entra ID Investments

Axiad, which is a Microsoft ISV partner and part of the Microsoft Identity Defined Security Alliance (MISA), is finely tuned to supplement Microsoft Entra ID in the cloud and Active Directory on premises. We can extend existing Microsoft implementations by enhancing authentication with MFA and phishing-resistant solutions.
Key Solutions
Picture of laptop accessing Microsoft Teams using Passwordless Authentication for Microsoft 365

Passwordless Authentication for Microsoft 365

Protect and easily authenticate to Microsoft Office 365 with passwordless, phishing-resistant MFA authenticators and credentials, eliminating the need for complex passwords

Deliver Enterprise-Wide Workstation Login

Integrate with Microsoft Entra ID and Active Directory with enterprise managed PCs to support an expanded feature set for login with Windows 10 and 11 PCs

Enable Microsoft Entra ID Certificate Based Authentication

Leverage Microsoft Entra ID Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) – using certificates issued and managed by Axiad Cloud PKI – to authenticate to Entra ID protected applications and services

Easily Deploy Windows Hello for Business

Facilitate the registration of Windows Hello for Business credentials on clients to minimize administration costs and deployment efforts

Secure Web Authentication

Utilize Certificate-Based Authentication for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) to federate applications and services and ultimately enhance secure web authentication
Picture of laptop accessing Microsoft Teams using Passwordless Authentication for Microsoft 365

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